Dustless Floor Sanding & Refinishing


Big Machine

First we start by sanding off the old finish with what we call the... 

Big Machine! 

The Big Machine is a  walk behind drum sander that runs on 220 power straight from the fuse box , plenty of power to get that old finish up off your flooring!



Next its time for the edges.  We use an edger aptly named for sanding the edges of the flooring getting all the way right up to the trim. 

The only part this machine doesn't get is the dreaded corners. We then hand scrape each corner to remove ridges and finish .


Crack Filler

After floor sanding the finish has been removed, we fill the flooring with Wood wise Hardwood floor crack filler.  This does exactly what is sounds like , fills the cracks and gaps in the old floor. 


Sand off Filler

Next we fine sand all of the filler off the flooring with a high grit sand paper, leaving filler only in the cracks to give a truly flawless look.


Ready to Buff

After  floor sanding has Removed all of the crack filler the flooring is raw and ready to be buffed with an even higher grit sand paper, leaving the floor extra smooth and ready for stain or polyurethane finish.



If you are going darker than natural finish we will apply a stain to achieve the desired color. 

Stain is applied with a lambs wool mop and brush for the edges. 

once applied and allowed to penetrate the wood we wipe up access stain with special rags  leaving a consistent color application. 



Last but not least after floor sanding we apply 3 coats of  either a water based or oil based polyurethane  that will give the flooring a rich beautiful durable finish that will protect your floor and really bring out its beauty!


Oil based Polyurethane

Oil based polyurethane is the more traditional finish AKA old style of finish that has been put down on floors for many years , if you grew up in a house with wood flooring chances are it was finished with oil base.

This product is tried and true with positives and negatives. 

 The biggest downside of this product is the odor ! It is strong and I recommend you,  your children and pets should not be present in the home while this product is being applied after floor sanding.  Also it has a fairly long dry time approximately 12 hours.  


Water Based Polyurethane

What was once an inferior product has  made leaps and bounds in the past 20 years since the early 2000s.  

This water based polyurethane is now stronger and longer lasting than ever and in some cases stands up better than oil.

This product has some great advantages such as ,

Dry time is very short any where from 2 to  4 hours  depending on square footage.  The odor is almost none in comparison to the old oil base. 

This finish comes in many sheens from High gloss all the way to extra matte finish.